SkySkull Simple Philosophy:

Skull is the oldest known symbol of humanity.

It should be honoured and respected, not feared or labeled with symbols.

not connected to any religion, belief, cult or club

but it is the most advanced skull on our planet, as far as I know so far...... this statement might change...

Skull creation started in 1995, mostly one of a kind skulls and skulls altered into mask sculptures sold mainly in Toronto and Montreal.

SkySkull is a continuation of experimenting with skulls but a brand new project.


Limited Editions Mainly but some interesting One of a kind pieces are going to be available in a near future.

It's a one artist studio project. Quality and durability are very important to me.

Skulls are not the only project that I am working on. I have 35 years of creating art Working with oil and acrylic painting, sculptures in wood, metal and stone, drawing, print making, photography, experimental video and sound, digital painting and graphic design.

Rosso Corsa Edition is just a start of New SkySkull Projects.

SkySkull M.