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Limited Edition Skulls and Art Skulls are made (casted), using one of the strongest materials I could find. Purposefully made 100% solid with reinforced thiner skull sections to make it almost non breakable.

Material used:  Tuf-Stone™ Gypsum Cement is formulated with polymers and fibers to withstand nearly three times the impact pressure of standard materials. Exceptionally resilient and chip-resistant

 Softer stone or solid ceramic object strength and weight (6 lbs)


Using Multiple acrylic paints, mediums, metallic flakes of different colours and grades ,multiple layers of transparent custom paint mixes, combinations of multiple kinds of additives...

Various painting and dripping techniques.Spontaneous patinas and special effects using experimental paints. Carvings and additions incorporated in some pieces. To try to put it in words.

Some skulls are painted in a very simplistic way with just few coats or drips..etc.

But, some do get very complicated with more than 20 coats of different combinations of different paint mixes. 

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Each one created spontaneously one by one. Each unique and with a certificate of authenticity. Posted unexpectedly one by one. Some pieces are going to be auctioned but all the rest will be available only at SkySkull.com