creation process

Detailed story of how each skull is created

Hand made form start to finish

Each Skull Takes Several Days To Cast, paint, Properly Dry and Finalize.

improving medical skull

Anatomically Correct Medical skull was used but Some thin bones like eye sockets, nose, jaw and teeth were slightly thickened to make a skull stronger and more solid. 

Silicone mould

Long lasting silicone mould was created and prepared for casting

Casting, drying and sanding

TUF STONE™ Gypsum Cement Polymer-modified, fibered casting material formulated for solid casting is mixed and poured into already prepared silicone mould and then let dry for several days. Skulls are detailed sanded and flattened at the bottom. 

Both Limited Edition Skulls and ArtSkulls are prepared the same way.

One of a Kind ArtSkulls are painted one by one using custom mixes of many different paints, additives, mediums, metallic flakes, effects and transparent layers. Spontaneously created.

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three coats of primer

PRO series grey primer is spayed using fine car spray gun. Three coats are applied and fine sanded when dried after few hours.

Rosso corsa coats

five , six coats of original, ppg 322 rosso corsa paint are applied and let dry for one day

finishing coat

finally, each skull is hand signed, numbered, dated and two coats of pro series clear finish are sprayed on. Takes one more day to properly dry and fine sand it for a semi gloss effect

skull is ready for packing and shipping


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